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Christo & Jeanne-Claude - Wrapped Coast (completed installation, construction & preparatory studies, 1968-9)


Austin Psych Fest, Drew Millward

The Death of Rizzoli



Jon Michaud reflects on the legendary Rizzoli Bookstore’s final hour of business: http://nyr.kr/1hFop95

“I was curious to see what people were buying, and I was also somewhat overwhelmed by the prospect of choosing something to stand for the three and a half years that I had spent at the store—not to mention the decades-long friendships that I had begun while working there.”

Photograph by Jackson Krule.

The bagels are terrible. …The city’s flat and ugly, and the air’s brown.

PETE, love lettering Los Angeles, on Mad Men (via inothernews)

Jonathan Glazer and Scarlett Johansson on the set of Under the Skin.

What a tremendously overwhelming cinematic experience, by far one the best films of the year.

(Source: larsvontrier)

Zizek on Lynch

The Pervert’s Guide To Cinema (2006), dir. by Sophie Fiennes

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"Tea Drives Away the Droops," 1936. Poster, color lithograph.

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